The International Outreach Program has a partnership with Centre Medical Beraca Hospital in La Pointe, Haiti. We are focused on capacity building and knowledge transfer through exchange programs, training and education, and some infrastructure support.

CMB hospital is the only 24/7 facility serving the needs of nearly 800,000 people. There is only one obstetrician on staff. He delivers three babies each day on average. He was trained through the International Outreach Program.

Maternal mortality in Haiti is 380/100,000 live births. In Canada, that number is 11. CMB’s patient ward does not have running water or bathroom facilities. Clinic space is inadequate and women do not receive the requisite four ante-natal visits they should to reduce risks. Women routinely die from preventable causes including hemorrhage, eclampsia and infection. Ten percent of women in child-rearing age die in childbirth. In Canada, that number is 0.08%.

To improve the health of mothers and babies, we are:

    • Providing training and education to physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals
    • Constructing a new maternity ward, labour room and delivery room and clinic space
    • Developing community outreach clinics for ante-natal and post-natal care


Thanks to the generous support of our donors:

  • Improved delivery of healthcare outcomes for mothers and babies
  • Increase in the number of women receiving ante-natal and post-natal care
  • Reduction in infection rates
  • Reduction of hemorrhage and hypertensive death
  • Reduction in overall hospital maternal mortality

Your gift to the International Outreach Program of St. Joseph’s Health System provides life-saving medical training in Haiti and other areas of the world where medical resources are low. Please give generously now.