Building on the legacy entrusted to us by our founders, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Hamilton, we enable our partners in developing communities to build healthcare capacity and academic knowledge in order to provide enhanced healthcare for all their citizens.


In the communities where we work, citizens will have access to competent and effective healthcare.

Guiding Principles

With over twenty years’ experience in working in partnership with developing countries, our organization has developed a number of guiding principles including, but not limited to:

  • We believe in the dignity of all human life.
  • We believe universal access to effective healthcare is a basic human right and we will speak out against practices that run counter to this belief.
  • We work towards sustainability and scalability.
  • We recognize that we work at the invitation of our in-country partners.
  • It is not “our” work.  It is “their” work.  We are here to assist, not control.
  • We do not duplicate the efforts of others.  As such, we actively pursue an awareness and understanding of the work of other organizations doing similar work in the environments in which we work.
  • We believe that our in-country partners must contribute to our projects in ways that are meaningful.
  • We believe that raising false expectations is more detrimental than raising none.
  • We accept that our work is highly dependent on factors beyond our control and as such, success metrics must be dynamic.
  • We believe that doing work that matters for the in-country population is our primary concern.
  • We operate most effectively with strong, effective and respected local coordinators.
  • We will be an NGO the local in-country community respects and supports.
  • We accept that anything is possible.  Hope and action will guide our work.
  • We accept that set-backs will occur; we will not be dissuaded by these events.
  • We will measure our progress and report it to our stakeholders and Board.

Your gift to the International Outreach Program of St. Joseph’s Health System provides life-saving medical training in areas of the world where medical resources are low. Please give generously now.