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As you can see, your monthly gifts to the International Outreach Program of St. Joesph’s Health System change lives. You are looking at a team of Canadian volunteers training their counterparts in the operating room of a small hospital in Haiti.

A. Patient: Your monthly gifts help the most important person in the room—the patient. He broke his femur and could no longer work to provide for his family. Your regular monthly support supplies the ongoing funds needed to put our volunteers in the operating rooms, delivery rooms, examination rooms and patient wards to help doctors and nurses get their patients back on their feet again.

B. Volunteer Canadian Doctor: Your monthly gifts help us recruit volunteers like this Canadian orthopedic surgeon. Like our other volunteer physicians, he travels to Haiti at his own expense, and offers his expertise and training at no charge.

C. Local Doctor: Your monthly donations help us put medical students and physicians from developing countries alongside their Canadian counterparts to learn the latest procedures in surgery, medicine and patient care. Pictured is a Haitian third-year orthopedic resident, fully involved in the surgery, supervised by the more experienced Canadian surgeon. What he learns in the operating room today he will employ in the operating room for years to come with his own patients. He will also pass on what he learns today to other orthopedic surgeons.

D. Volunteer Canadian Nurse: With your financial support each month, we recruit volunteer nurses to train nurses in countries where medical expertise is needed. This Canadian orthopedic nurse is volunteering a week of her vacation to assist in surgery and to teach the operating room nurses at the hospital in Haiti.

E. Local Nurse: Thanks to your regular gifts each month, operating room nurses in developing countries learn the latest procedures and protocols for delivering the best care to their patients. This nurse will take what she learns today and put it into practice for years to come.

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Your gift each month trains doctors, nurses, biomedical engineers, pharmacists and other medical professionals. Your gifts help surgeons, pediatricians, obstetricians, nephrologists (kidney doctors), hematologists, specialists in internal medicine and many other medical professionals. And, most importantly, your monthly gifts give life and hope to men and women, boys and girls, in countries where medical training today will have the biggest impact tomorrow.

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