Sense of place

Travelling to a new country has its own rewards.   Seeing the sights for the first time.   Smelling the unique scent of a place or tasting the food of a new locale all build memories and add a sense of newness to our memory banks.

But coming back to a place, for me anyway, has an element of accomplishment and connectedness that is far more rewarding.   Having a sense of place really matters.

For the next two weeks, I have the privilege to work my way across Uganda for the second time in a few years.   We have just arrived and already, I have a level of comfort and connectivity with the place and its people that I cherish as much as the work upon which we are about to embark.

I will spend my time with the dozens of physicians that have trained through the International Outreach Program and our unique partnership with McMaster University.   It will be an opportunity for me to bear witness first hand to the impact these remarkable people are making on a country that desperately needs them.

And despite the opportunities that await them in other countries, these smart, young physicians are all committed to Uganda.  Their participation in our program, through additional training in Canada, doesn’t want to make them flee what is back home.  It emboldens them to change it.  For their people.

Place matters.

One thought on “Sense of place

  1. Peter, thank you for sharing your experiences and bringing a special sliver of the world into our Canadian lives. Your writing is so vivid and heartfelt which no doubt comes from your unique ability to connect with those around you. Place DOES matter. Your sharing impacts the place you call home in Canada as we read your stories to our children.


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