Fed up?

I was asked yesterday what I thought about the fact that there has been unrest in Haiti this week.  With a cholera outbreak that has left more than 1,000 dead and looming elections, I replied that I was surprised it hadn’t happened earlier.

Estimates are that 1 million Haitians continue to live in tents post-earthquake.  It has been 10 months and 11 days since the earthquake.

How would you feel if you were homeless for that long?


One thought on “Fed up?

  1. It is amazing once you remove yourself from Humanitarian aid what actually consumes you in our narcassitic world. I wanted to paint our basement floor and could not decide on ‘that perfect gray”……. as there are so many options. Imagine. I cannot decide on a floor color and these people have lost their homes and are living in tents. I need to give myself a big shake and say ‘are you kidding?”. Our priorities are not the hierachy to breath , eat, and sleep are they????


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