Mountains over Mountains…

The Haitians have a beautiful proverb – “mountains over mountains”.

It’s as obvious as it is complex.

A week spent in Haiti is both a blip in time, and an eternity.  I have remained in awe at our team – for everyone who doubts the clout of Canadians on the international stage, fear not.  We are respected, sought after, and admired.

I am honoured to have spent a few short days of my existence in the presence of such outstanding humanitarians.  Each and every one of them.

When I contemplate the challenges ahead and the incredible obstacles that this country faces, I find myself thinking about the beautiful mountains that surround this strange paradise.

They are huge.

They seem endless.

They are rugged.

And every day, the Haitians climb them, cross them, and conquer them.

As I boarded the plane to leave this troubled land, my most visceral thought was this:

To be continued…

2 thoughts on “Mountains over Mountains…

  1. What beauitful words Peter. I can only imagine the strength the haitian people must have.
    I’m so proud to say I work at St. Mary’s, what amazing staff we have.
    I was at the bank paying a bill for the Hospital and out of the blue the clerk said to me how must she
    loved the Hospital! Our staff really do going above and beyond!


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